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  Time for The News for IFMA Austin Members

FlashBack 2013

Luncheon Topics

         January - Facility Management

         February - Facility Security

         March - Emotional Intelligence

         April - State of the Economy

         May - Move Management

         June - Sustainability at COTA

         July - Tour of ACL

         August - People Place Potential

         September - Zero Waste

         October - Google Fiber in Austin

         November - Nuisance Birds

         December - Holiday Party

2013 Events

         May - Dell Children Medical Center Tour

         Bowl "O" Rama

         Top Golf

         COTA Tour

         Esther's Follies

Welcome New Members

  - Todd Davey - Freescale
  - David Fowler
  - Matthew Dausch - Rand Construction
  - Fred Polansky - Free Agent Enterprise
  - Michael Shaw - HEB Grocery Inc.
  - Keith Bryant - ICM, Inc.
  - Andre Luna - Curb, Inc.
  - Charles Nolt - Beldon Roofing Co.

Tech Corner

In this issue, I want to highlight the benefits of providing training to your Building Engineers.

A facility constructed today is far more sophisticated than facilities built just five years ago.  With focus on Sustainability and the Energy Star Program, new buildings are commissioned with many technological advances that were not available just a few years ago.  Engineers today need to stay abreast of these technologies and learn new skills to properly operate these facilities. 

Installed wireless devices and HVAC systems that communicate with one another, without an understanding of how these systems interact and what it means when there are troubled areas; these high priced energy efficient components will not deliver their intended capacities and savings.

Manufacturer trainings and working side by side with skilled technicians certified to work on this equipment is one way to learn these systems; another way is to engage companies that have a reputation in providing technical training.

click here to learn what one of these companies have to offer.

IFMA Austin Members of the Year


Brenda Booth was selected as the
Associate Member
of the year.


Tim Geier was selected as the
2013 Professional Member

of the year.



Our Sponsors


 Platinum Level



 Gold Level



Silver Level





 Herman Miller


 Bronze Level






Sammy's House

In 2013 we had several workday's at Sammy's House where our members took part in improvement projects at the facility.

 We assisted in the installation of new playground equipment, painting, woodworking cabinet repairs and various maintenance related tasks involving tools and man(woman)power assistance.

Holiday Newsletter Edition


Message from the President

It s hard to believe that we ve come to the end of another year. With the holidays upon us, I would like to wish you all a wonderful holiday season! 


A great time was had by all that attended the annual
IFMA Holiday party at Esther's Follies!

The Professional and Associate Members of the Year
were announced at the November luncheon. 

Tim Geier with Oracle was named Professional Member of the Year.  Tim was chosen for all the hard work he has done creating our newsletters. Brenda Booth with Corporate Floors was named Associate Member of the Year.  She has worked on the Program Committee bringing us great speakers and interesting tours. Congratulations to both of them!

IFMA members learned many interesting aspects of bird control at the November 14th luncheon presentation titled NUISANCE BIRDS - How do they affect your facility given by Rodney G. Beaman, TCA of Texas Bird Services.

Mark your calendars for the first luncheon presentation of the New Year on January 9th at Maggiano's. This presentation will highlight and provide details on the City of Austin Rebate Program. We hope to see you there.

The Golf Tournament was a great success; many thanks to Kelly Quinney and the Golf Committee for all the hard work that goes into having this sensational event!!!

Thank you to all the sponsors! You made it possible. 

As we come to the end of 2013 and look forward to an exciting 2014, I would like to thank everyone for all their help and support. 

Happy Holidays and a Prosperous New Year! 

Interesting Information -  Birds and Bats

This was a fascinating presentation at the November luncheon on this subject and for those who missed it, here are some of the highlights.

  • The Minnesota bridge collapse a few years ago was partially caused by birds roosting on and under the bridge.  Their feces are very acidic, which was a factor in the collapse
  • Larger birds (pigeons, etc.) are easier to trap & relocate than the smaller birds.
  • Fake owls & threatening (predator) sounds don t work because these are urban birds & have never seen an owl or a predator.
  • Nuisance birds congregate along the I-35 corridor from DFW to Corpus.  They are attracted to light, food sources & roosting areas.  If you go 10 miles east or west of I-35, you don t see the bird problems.
  • For falconers to make money with their hawks, they have to use hawks that were born & raised in captivity.  There are lots of rules & regulations regarding falconry.
  • Pigeons are a species of rock doves, which is why they are attracted to rock, stone & masonry ledges.
  • Currently, the most effective bird solution is to use (2) different kinds of lasers.  They use the right frequency and light source to disorient the birds & affect their senses.  One laser used downtown has a beam that gets up to 4 feet in diameter and can clear 4-6 city blocks at one time.


Golf Tournament 2013

The 2013 golf tournament was delayed this year due to the heavy rains that fell on Halloween, but the show did go on, just a few days later. 

At IFMA Golf outings, almost always there are a number of Deer that walk across the course daring someone to take their best golf shot, this year the Turtles wanted to get into the game.

And here are the winners!!

3rd Place


  • Joseph Cantu
  • Greg Wagner
  • Valerie Tait
  • Mike Boyd

2nd Place

  • Hershel Sandifer
  • Scott Privott
  • Eric Watson
  • Clay Banner

1st Place

  • Henry Robertson
  • Patrick Huskins
  • John Cravatt
  • Shawn Harris

The Challenges
Closest to the Pin - Jeff Page Longest Drive - Jenny Conditt Longest Putt - Flint Britton

The Turtles decided not to compete

A year end review of our featured Facilities and Associate Members

February 2013 Issue
Cold Call Associate:  Heather Jimenez - Teknion
Featured Facility: AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center - Chief Engineer - Katherine Pollock
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April 2013 Issue
Cold Call Associate:  Russell Davis, Don Cox Company
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June 2013 Issue
Cold Call Associate:  Cole Adams - Valley Crest Landscape
Featured Facility:
 PCSI Corporate Office - Andy Ketchum 
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August 2013 Issue
Cold Call Associate:  Brenda Booth - Corporate Floors
Featured Facility:
 Girl Scouts of Central Texas - Sande Chaffin
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October 2013 Issue
Cold Call Associate:  Dan Kelly - Kentex Roofing
Featured Facility: Bell County Expo Center - Joseph Latteo
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Thank you for taking the time to read this edition of the  IFMA newsletter.  Please reach out to Tim Geier if you would like to share your thoughts or suggestions regarding this publication.

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