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2016 IFMA Winter Edition Newsletter

In The Know News for Austin IFMA Members


Issue Number 12



 In This Issue


Dianne Webb

Sandra Mccowan 
Dimensional Fund Advisors

Vincent Mcglone





Entrust One FacilityServices Inc.



This months Featured Professional is Sharon Lewis - Webster.Sharon is a long time IFMA member with experience in many areas of Facility Management. She has recently transitioned to a new path inher career in Facility Management. Read more to see what Sharon isdoing now.      

Featured Associate


This months Featured Associate is DerekMurakami. Derek has been in the Corporate SecurityIndustry for almost 20-years. You can be assured that during his career he has seen many of those "I can't believe they did that" situations. Derek is also one of our IFMA Chapter committee members. Read more about his experiences in the Security Industry.


If you wanted to gainmore exposure to the members of IFMA Austin and would like to easilyreserve your spot at all of the major IFMA events for the year, checkout the annual Sponsorship Program for the IFMA Chapter of Austin.

Contact Scott Slaughter at512.964.5124 or if youhave questions or need more information about the program.


Hello fellow IFMA Members - a little more than a month into 2016 and weare off to a great start!

I would like to give A bigshout out to Aimee Janousek & Scott Slaughter for a successfulsponsor drive. There were a few updates to the sponsor package thisyear, and we not only retained the 2015 sponsors, but we gained (4)additional ones.

We begin a new yearof programs along with several new committee members. Don't you know -- Crystal is already thinking Golf Tournament! It's not too soon to get the word out, it will be here soon.

Inthis New Year I challenge you to expand your peer network, bring a guest to a luncheon or an event. The Austin and San Antonio IFMA Chapters haveseveral shows and events scheduled this year for you to attend. I wantyou to know from my experience, that volunteering in our organization isa rewarding and wonderful opportunity to get to know your fellowmembers.

Facility Managers will be busy the next 60 days transitioning from the Texas Winter to SPRING the few warm days we have had, already have me cutting my lawn.

Thanks for your membership and hope to see you Soon

Tech Topic

 Tim GeierEditor

What started out as wall mounted spot coolers in small Telcom Rooms hasturned into what many are calling one of themost significant changes in history for the HVAC industry.

In researching information about this exciting new trend I located a very detailed article that provides answers to many questions you may have about this new HVAC Revolution.

Community Service

While work days for our service projects may have stopped until the warmer weather returns, work continues behind the scenes with our Community Service ChairmanTodd Coleman, who is busy coordinating schedules with our partner for the nextwork day event.

2015 HolidayParty

We could not have asked for a more amazing afternoon/evening than the one we enjoyed for the 2015 IFMA Holiday Boat Cruise! The food was great, the weather wasperfect, the boat was festive, we got to see the bats fly from under the bridge, the beer and margaritas were cold and.......Jim Hunley rigged the raffle. Okay, I'm not 100% sure that Jim rigged the raffle, but hedid win (4) of the (14) raffle prizes.

We had about (60) participants attending and the raffle raised $1400.00 for Safe Place. If you missed this party you really missed agreat one. A big thank you to Crystal Green with Prichard Industries for putting together another wonderful IFMA Holiday Party.

Oh yes, and don't forget to check out the pictures!!!


Upcoming Events - Save the Dates

  • 2016 IFMA Bowling Tournament - June 23
  • 2016 Golf Tournament - TBD, A Thursday in September
  • IFMA Austin Chapter Co-Sponsoring the "High Performance Buildings and Workplaces Conference" at the Austin Convention Center - May 3 - 4. More information to come.

Our 2016 Sponsors

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