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This is my last newsletter!  It s hard to believe that a year has come & gone so quickly.  It seems like just last week I was thinking about my upcoming term as IFMA president & what I wanted accomplish during my time.  I am proud of several things we have done:

  •          Moved from the Crowne Plaza to Maggiano s for the monthly luncheons.  I still need to stay away from their cheesecake!
  •          Luncheon attendance has increased 15% since we changed venues
  •          Began utilizing monthly surveys after each luncheon to track attendee satisfaction & make tweaks as necessary
  •          Had an informative breakfast with our beloved sponsors to discuss how the level sponsorship program was working for them & their investment
  •          Will use Cvent to track & register golf tournament this year
  •          Updated & improved the IFMA Austin logo
  •          Have started an exploratory committee of past presidents to look into changing the formation of the board as well as the tenure each of the board positions


I know that you will give our incoming president, Melody Williamson, as much support as you have given me.  She and the rest of the board and committee chairs will do a great job in taking this chapter to the next level.



Each of you should have received a ballot via email for the upcoming year s election.  We are voting for 2 board positions, so this is an important election.  If you haven t received a ballot, we will have paper ballots available at the luncheon on Thursday or you can email the IFMA office ( to request one. 



If you missed either the April or May luncheons, you missed some good stuff!  In April, Dr. Jim Gaines presented a very interesting program on the state of the Austin real estate market.  (My retirement plan with my 92 year old house might work after all!)


In May, Kay Sargent with Teknion gave us a very insightful program on Move Management.  Did you know you needed a champion for big moves for your tenants?  I loved the part about the demand list right after a move and how its urgency decreases with time.  After you have moved a bunch of folks, how many times have you heard, Where is my trashcan/mouse/favorite coffee cup?   Both presentations are on the Austin IFMA website.  On Thursday, I am looking forward to Edgar Ferraro s presentation.  Edgar is the Chief Sustainability Officer for Circuit of the Americas. 


Finally, if you have any dietary restrictions, please remember that you can mark your request on Cvent when you register.  We will do our best to accommodate your request, but need to know prior to the luncheon.


Our next luncheon is Thursday, June 13th at Maggiano s in the Domain. 



The 2013 Annual Golf Tournament will be held Tuesday, Oct. 15th at Grey Rock, formerly Circle C.  We will have a shotgun start at 12:30pm and some new surprises planned for the evening activities.  If you would like to be a part of this worthwhile committee, please let me or Kelly Quinney with The Steam Team know.


Important Dates:

            4th Annual Bowl-a-Rama, June 27th

            World Workplace, Philadelphia, Oct. 2-4

            IFMA Austin Golf Tournament, Oct. 15


Thank you for your wonderful support during my time as president of the Austin IFMA chapter.  I appreciate each one of you!




Tech Corner: Tim Geier

Environmental Monitoring Units (EMU)

If you are responsible for the climate in your Telecom, Labs or Server Rooms, with summer on the way it seems appropriate to illustrate the value of Environmental Monitoring Units or EMU's as they are sometimes called. 

EMU's come in many different sizes, shapes and features and can monitor many different conditions including Intrusion, Temperature, Humidity, Electrical Loading and Water Infiltration just to name a few. 

Many of these devices can initiate an action such as closing on board relays that are linked to supplemental HVAC units or blinking beacon lights.  In addition to starting or stopping equipment they can send SMS text and email messages to designated personnel when alarm set points are reached.

Click here to read about one of the most advanced providers of these devices, and they started it right here in Austin.

I awoke aboard a boat, just before daybreak, which was weird. The last thing I remembered was being in San Francisco s Moscone Center, wrapping up a four-hour Google I/O keynote liveblogging session. My last recollection was of Google CEO Larry Page taking questions from the audience and promoting a vision of a utopia where society could be free to innovate and experiment, unencumbered by government regulations or social norms.

I think as technologists we should have some safe places where we can try out some new things and figure out, he had said. What is the effect on society? What s the effect on people? Without having to deploy it into the normal world.

I realized I was the only one aboard, and the boat was driving itself.

It hit the shore at first light, approaching from a perfect angle that allowed the sun to just peek out over the back of the island. I hopped over the side, and watched as the boat slowly put itself into reverse, turned, and headed back out to sea.


The soft, froggy voice startled me. I turned around to face an approaching figure.

We had a great IFMA Work Day at Sammy s House after the  luncheon on Thursday,  May 9th.    It was a wonderful volunteer experience and much was accomplished. 

Here is a quote from the Executive Director of the Center, Isabel C. Huerta.


Thank you sooooo much for bringing the IFMA guys!

The playscape is wonderful, we waited 13 years to get one.  On Friday, in the rain the kids went nuts.

It was so great having the IFMA team come out and literally save the project.  We were afraid were not going to able to complete the project...and that would have been horrible.  Please extend our thanks to everyone who came out to help.  They were truly appreciated"

 "Laying down the barrier"


 "Spreading the Cover"


All in a Day's work for today's versatile Facility Management Professional



IFMA Austin

"Bowl O Rama"


Join us from 5:30 to 7:30

June 27 at AMF Showplace Lanes

9504 N IH 35 Austin, TX 78753-3702 +1 (512) 834-7733



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New Members

Sande Chaffin
Girl Scouts of Central Texas


Patricia Farr
National Financial Partners


Jonathan Humphrey
Austin Theatre Alliance


Aimee Janousek


Jeff Kauffman
Austin Independent School District


Jenifer Lloyd
Airco Mechanical


Valerie Tait
PPG Architectural Coatings







There are always way to volunteer, ask a member of the board how you can help





Philadelphia, Pa., USA

Considered the Birthplace of America, Philadelphia tells the tale of the nation s founding through its many historical sites, museums, monuments, parks and neighborhoods. History buffs, gastronomes, aficionados of art and architecture, sports fans, ghost hunters, families, couples and colleagues will find plenty to see and do in Philly.




Grey Rock Course Details - Austin IFMA Golf - October 15


As stated in the Presidents message above, The 2013 Annual Golf Tournament will be held Tuesday, Oct. 15th at Grey Rock, formerly Circle C.

Here is some information about the Grey Rock Golf Club.

Located just 15 minutes southwest of downtown Austin, Grey Rock Golf Club has been recognized as one of the top 20 public golf courses in Texas by Texas Golfer Magazine. In addition, The Hill Country Golf News states that Grey Rock is the "finest daily fee championship layout in the area."

Designed by Jay Morrish and Roy Bechtol, the course encompasses over 160 acres of the natural beauty found in the Hill Country. Carved from cedar and live oak trees, every hole is tree-lined and features large, undulating TifDwarf Bermuda grass greens protected by mounds and bunkers. An abundance of turkey, deer, and over 40 species of birds reside in the course's wooded surroundings.

Along the 18th fairway lies a true Texas-style full-service clubhouse and grill with upstairs meeting room staffed with friendly people ready to make the Grey Rock experience an unforgettable one.







Newsletter Featured Facility


Andy Ketchum, CFM Operations Manager  
  • What is the name of your facility? 
  • PCSI Corporate Office
  •          What is the total square footage managed

    25,000 locally and 11.5m at Ft Sill, Oklahoma

  •          What sets your facility apart from the competition

    I wouldn t say there is any one thing that sets our facility apart.  The facility is 6 years old and is designed to be environmentally friendly from the metal roof to the limestone exterior to the mechanical systems.  We offer our employees a gym, locker room and showers, picnic area, and an environment that fosters a family atmosphere.    

  • Describe the single biggest challenge within your facilities

    The biggest challenge facing PCSI is the rapid growth experienced in the last several years and effects of the drought while using a well with a conditional water permit.  The increased needs of personnel and equipment have caused us to look at ways to be more efficient while providing the services to our employees. What is your corporate view on sustainability

    As a contractor for the federal government, PCSI is committed to find sustainable practices that we can pass on to our customer.  PCSI works closely with the government to develop or improve upon energy management to reduce costs.  PCSI does not only look at environmental sustainment but social sustainment.  We employ people with disabilities at the corporate office as well as all contracts, specifically our veterans with disabilities.  75% of our direct labor force is provided accommodations to succeed that otherwise may not be able to join the workforce.  

  • When a customer enters your facility, describe the experience   you want for them. 

    When customers or visitors walk into our corporate office we want them to see a professional, yet economically responsible facility.  As a contractor for the government it is our job to use taxpayer dollars wisely.  We want them to feel comfortable and at home as they move through the facility, and at the same time, impressed with the aesthetics of design and style.


Newsletter Featured Associate

Name: Cole Adams

Name of your Employer: ValleyCrest Landscape Maintenance

Describe your company s core competency
We strive to dominate the landscape industry by completely satisfying customers at the lowest total delivered cost by focusing on value added actions and relentlessly eliminating waste.

Describe your primary job functions

Develop client relationships and acquire new business. Work directly with Property and Facilities Management to establish best plan for property with highest return on investment.

Describe an average day

Attend morning Roll Out meeting with account managers to discuss the previous day s events and the schedule for the day.  Then I answer emails and do any office work that needs to be completed.  After traffic dies down I head to prospective customer appointments for the majority of the day.   

What type of clients do you work with

All types.  Corporate Campuses, Office, Retail and HOAs.

Percentage of your work and clients that are local/regional/national

The majority of our customers are local.

How long have you been in this field

4 years

Tell us about an interesting situation you ve encountered related to your current work.  End result

Doing the maintenance at the Circuit of the Americas F-1 track has allowed me to watch the construction of the track and tour pit row before races.

What s the best lesson you ve learned from a client

The client is always right!

How s business right now

Excellent but I m in sales, so it could always be better!

Identify some challenges to your industry

Current water restrictions keep us on our toes.  We are constantly developing new ideas to overcome this situation.

Tell us about your personal life, family, hobbies and interests outside work

I have a beautiful 7 year old daughter and a fianc that take up most of my free time.  I enjoy listening to bands play and taking advantage of all the great things that Austin has to offer.

Can we quote you on that

Don't wait for it to happen, MAKE it happen!








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