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IFMA 2015 Fall Newsletter

In the Know News for Austin IFMA Members

Issue Number 10, 2015

From the President:                                                       

Well, now in the Fall and most of us into new operating budgets, remember to THINK Sustainability! After several years its finally sinking in to my daily thoughts.  The future of our Planet and our grandkids depend on it!
Another great Golf Tournament and WWP in the rear view mirror we know Holidays are upon us. Just a message to all about enjoying your family time with loved ones. Safe travels to all and hope to see you at the Holiday Party.

Leadership woes -------- Sitting in my truck for 30 minutes prior to opening the building as I do daily, listening to some BTO, Guess Who and other 70's bands, I reflect my contribution as a facility manager. I ask the questions am I doing this right? I know that I have a passion in my gut about what I do , I also like to take risks, and just yesterday I influenced several elected officials on what the best decision was to move forward with a particular project. I guess that is what a leader does?

Being a son of a 75 year old bass player from a semi-famous 60's band I try and explain some of the things I routinely do and how I impact the big picture96 He=92s not fully understanding what I do=97He thinks like many older folks not in Facility management think --we are some kind of glorified janitor? I guess if a young person asked about facility management they may grasp the idea better by way of that they grew up in the computer world. Facility Management has become a complex field of multiple automated systems. Security, Locks, automated lighting, energy management , CMMS , HVAC automation controls, automated fire alarms, sensor technology and more.

Leaders today do not just lead but must develop with the ever increasing innovations in Facility management. We can lead from the top, bottom and even the middle. 

 Tim Geier - Editor

Crisis Plan - Mechanical / Electrical

When reviewing or developing a new Facility Crisis Plan that includes what to do in case of Fire, Tornado, suspicious package, snow,  ice and a host of other concerns, many other events that can be just a challenging; loss of power, control system/HVAC failure are overlooked.  What is your emergency plan for Electrical and Mechanical systems failure?

This question illustrates the need for a Facility Emergency Operations Manual for the buildings infrastructure equipment. It would be the "
How To" guide for operating your equipment in a manual mode in case your control system has crashed or other types a failures that could occur that you need to have a plan for. For instance, t
he manual would also provide instruction/locations for shutting off important water valves in the event of a broken pipe both inside and outside the facility. Click here to see an example of what one of these manuals could look like. A manual readily available will save you valuable time and money in a crisis situation.

Community Service

Todd Coleman - Community Service Chair

With the weather cooking off we will be gearing up our volunteer work day at Sammy's House. Stay tuned for more details at one of our upcoming lunches.

  2015 Golf Tournament 

 2015 September 24, 2015,

A huge thanks to Crystal Green and her Golf Tournament Team including Rodd Hennegar - Q2, Cesar Varela - Pritchard Industries and Jesse Martinez - HPI  for putting together this years wonderful event. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to "Safe Place Battered Women's Shelter"

This tournament would not be possible without the support of our Sponsors. Please click here to see who those sponsors were for this years event.

Please contact Crystal for details on how to be part of next years event.

 Our Featured Sponsor
  2015 Platinum Sponsor

Austin Business Furniture - HON

Cubicle. For too long, that word has made the average employee shudder. It conjures images of ant farm-like work areas with tall panels and dark stations, and the fear of getting lost in the maze.

Today, there=92s a new trend in office environments that threatens to exterminate the ant farm. The walls are coming down, and people are collaborating. Click here to see and learn more about our featured sponsor company!

Lesson for Today - Never go off and leave your wheels unlocked!!


 This Issue

New Members
    David Englund
Facilities Manager

Myndi Garrett
US Business Development Manager- Workforce Experience-

Kimbra  Herring
Smith Supply Company
Sales Rep

Chris LeVeck
Facility Innovations Group

Rusty Pierce
Office Manager



Featured Professional Member

This issues Featured Professional is Dave Englund. Dave has worked in the Facility Operations arena covering very wide range of facility types from the massive Brook Army Medical Center, to some of Austin's most prominent downtown High-Rise Class A Office Towers. Click here to learn more about Dave and his experiences in the industry. 

Featured IFMA Associate

This months featured associate, Marla Bommarito-Crouch, is CEO of the award winning architectural firm, Bommarito Goup. She and her firm have designed many well known spaces in and arround the Austin area. Click here to learn more about Marla and her experiences. 


Sponsorship Program

Scott Slaughter - Sponsorship

If you wanted to gain more exposure to the members of IFMA Austin and would like to reserve your spot at all of the major IFMA events for the year, check out the Annual Sponsorship Program for the IFMA Chapter of Austin.

Contact Scott Slaughter at 512-964-5124 or if you have questions or need more information about the program.

Click here to view the details for sponsorship levels and availability.

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 Bronze Level 

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