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New members join through the International IFMA website. Please click the JOIN NOW button to begin the process or follow the link below to IFMA membership FAQs.

Membership FAQ (

  Step 1:

Fill out the profile section. Please provide the required information. 

Blocks with a red * are required information. When you have filled out all the required information click the 'Next' button.

  Step 2:

Select the membership type applicable to your profession or status in the industry. All prospective members under age 35 are placed in the Young Professional type regardless of work role. The Discovery type is a limited access and cost membership for anyone who wants to learn more about IFMA before joining as a regular member. 

  Step 3:

You will create your login information and password. 


Select the membership package you prefer.

Questions about membership or the application process? Please contact IFMA at 1 713-623-4362.


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